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Echo Springs Equine Rescue


Echo Springs is an equine rescue and adoption center located in Madoc Ontario Canada, Just 20 minutes north of Belleville. This centre was started in 2009 by Jeff and Jackie Kingston to help save horses and ponies from slaugther, and take unwanted horses or ponies and find them a new, loving home. Not all horses at our centre are old and lame, or come from abusive/neglective situations. Allot of horses come from private individuals who want to find a good home for their horse, but don't have the time or knowledge to sell it privately, but don't want to send it to an auction, so they send them here to us to find a good home. As you know horses that end up at auctions do have a chance to get bid on by a caring family home, but they also risk the chance of being bid on by a bad home or worse, the meat man.

Within these pages you will find a list & photos of horses/ponies/donkeys which are presently available for adoption, and pages of former rescuees. You will also find information on how you can become an adoptive or foster home to one of these equines, volunteering info and other ways to help out.